The Nuclear Family

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Today the idea of the nuclear family being normal has changed. It is now common to see the mixture of two families connected by a second or subsequent marriage, with one or both partners having children from prior relationships, thereby creating half siblings. Prior to the advent of no-fault divorce, most commonly the idea of blended families included a stepmother or stepfather and mother or father, and stepchildren, born to one of the parents in a previous marriage. The previous marriage had been terminated by abandonment or death and the stepparent was seen almost as a replacement parent. With the advent of no-fault divorce and the family dynamics changing, the roles of the parents are modified, no longer is a stepparent a near replacement for an absent or deceased parent, but rather an addition to existing parents not part of a relationship but still on the scene. This can create turmoil in the family as the new couple as parent and stepparent and the children and stepchildren each try to find their own role. Some would argue it is better for the child or stepchild to be raised in a two-parent home than a single parent family. This creates a positive environment for the child. Conversely, as the relationship lines are not clearly defined, there is the possibility of confusion and uncertainty for the child, as they are not certain of the role of the step parent versus the biological parent. There is also cause for concern, as the biological dynamic of the family is
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