The Nuclear Of The Atomic Bomb

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The atomic bomb was developed in an effort to counter proposed technologies by the Nazis in Germany, who were trying to develop superweapons in their effort to conquer Europe. Top physicists like Albert Einstein warned that nuclear reaction would release enough energy to level an entire city. By mid-1945, U.S. military leaders were presented with a few options regarding how they should approach the end of the war with Japan. Solutions included mounting a joint invasion with the Soviets, creating a naval blockade, allowing the Japanese to retain their emperor if they surrendered unconditionally and created a cease-fire, and dropping the atomic bomb. However, they needed to take into account many variables that would affect their decision. The U.S. should have dropped the bomb to impress the Soviets, to prevent the need for a possible land invasion, and to end the war sooner; therefore, the U.S.’s use of the atomic bomb only served to heighten the Cold War between the Soviets and U.S.
Truman believed that he could intimidate the Soviet Union with his atomic weapon. He believed that “I have an ace in the hole and another one showing--so unless he has threes or two pair (and I know he has not) we are sitting all right”(Truman Library). The “ace” that Truman is talking about is the atomic bomb, and when he says that “we are sitting all right”, Truman means that a Soviet atomic bomb, or something worse, would be disastrous to world politics, as Truman planned to use the atomic…
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