The Nuclear Ship Issue Of New Zealand Essay

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1) What exactly is the ‘the nuclear ships issue’, to what extent has it impaired the NZ-US diplomatic relationship, and how has this impairment now been minimised? NZ and US relations Daniel Graham 8486535 Politics 240 09/09/2015 What exactly is the nuclear ships issue? The simple answer would be suggesting that it was the visitation of US nuclear ships into New Zealand waters throughout the 1980’s, however the nuclear ships issue was more sophisticated event. For New Zealand, the nuclear ships issue was more about national identity, enacting policy and patriotism. As a nation, the New Zealand public had influenced its desire to change what the country was to stand for. Being one of the most major diplomatic struggles for New Zealand, the nuclear ships issue was significant in demonstrating a clash between the United States and New Zealand’s foreign policies. Overall, the nuclear ships issue was a vital component in the shaping of New Zealand’s national identity. Being part of the commonwealth, New Zealand has traditionally been close trading partners with the United Kingdom, however with Britain entering the EU in 1973, New Zealand was forced to find other trading partners to sustain the country’s economy. The formation of the Australian, New Zealand and United States security treaty 1951 (ANZUS) had played a significant role in the Nuclear ships disputes throughout the 1980’s. The visitation of US nuclear powered and armed war ships had a significant
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