The Number 1 Secret Meditation

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Relaxation - the number 1 secret to meditation. However, there are some problems that make some failed to achieve relaxation. NO matter how good meditation is, this will not be effective if you don 't learn how to relax.
For some reasons, especially the beginners, are having hard time to relax due to many factors. This is one of the major objectives of meditative programs and trainings.
Most meditations require postures that are uncomfortable, and a lot of times, very uncomfortable. Here are some of the common postures often used during meditation.
You may have heard a lot about meditation techniques such as the various postures that are used while doing the meditation process.
However, many of us do not understand that there must be a kind of posture to be applied to a specific meditation purpose.

Here are some:

a.) Lotus Position. This is the most common posture that you 'll see in mediation videos and presentation. Yet, when this position is not implemented properly, this can make the person uncomfortable and fail to concentrate. If you feel that you are doing well with the lotus position, well, this is the best meditation posture for you.

b.) Seiza Position. This is the Japanese posture that cuts off blood to legs, thus decreasing relaxation profoundly. Now, there are reasons why you would sit like this, and it does allow you to concentrate and focused in pain of your legs in rather than something else. There are benefits to this type of posture in terms of actual
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