The Number Of Teenagers Under Eighteen Arrested For Murder

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The number of teenagers under eighteen arrested for murder has risen over one hundred fifty percent from 1985 to 1994. Again, it has risen over one hundred fifty percent. That is a very large increase. Juvenile offenders should be tried as adults because juvenile crimes are equally horrendous as an adults’; however, instead of just looking at the offender’s biological age, courts should consider their mental age along with trying to provide therapy/rehabilitation rather than incarceration. To start, there are certain charges and consequences offenders could face. There are two kinds of offenses: status and delinquency. Status is not a crime if an adult commits it, such as school trauncy, running away from home, and possession of…show more content…
This shows how factors influence the young adolescence.
“Of those children, youth, and young adults, a large number (65-70 percent) have at least one diagnosable mental health need, and 20-25 percent have serious emotional issues...over two-thirds of youth involved with the juvenile system experience mental health problems, most of whom can be safely and more effectively treated in community settings than in the juvenile justice system” (Smith).
Many of the offenders suffer from a mental health need which are usually diagnosable. Also, peer pressure, poor educational engagement, drug use and gang culture. Most of the juveniles have a background of significant trauma such as deprivation and abuse (McColluch). Those are more factors that could influence youth into crime. “Neglect likely plays a critical rile in continued offending as parental monitoring, parent rejection and family relationships are instrumental in explaining juvenile conduct problems” (Ryan). In addition to the outside world, juveniles’ home life could impact them as well. Most offenders have some sort of trauma that could have come from their parents/family.
The juvenile system needs to be reformed because it is not effective. “Those who ended up being sentenced to juvenile prison were 37 times more likely to be arrested again as

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