The Nurse And Nursing Care Based On Urgency And Importance

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a. During information gathering, the nurse has to ask appropriate questions that are related to the reason the patient is seeking care in appropriate manner. The nurse has to put patient’s cultural background in to consideration while asking questions. The nurse should focus on asking open-ended questions to get the most important information from the patient. Back channeling, probing, and closed ended questions can also be used to get additional information. The nurse analyzes the most important symptoms from the assessment, group similar symptoms together, and document these findings to determine the nursing diagnosis. b. Nursing goals, outcomes, and interventions are set based on a time frame. The time frame for proving care depends on the seriousness of the illness and the overall condition of the patient. To manage time effectively, the nurse should prioritize nursing care based on urgency and importance. The nurse should monitor if the plan of care is being performed on the right and timely manner during implementation and evaluation phase. c. Organizational skills are used to implement nursing plan in an effective and efficient manner by using appropriate time and resource utilization. The nurse effectively and efficiently utilizes time and resource by doing more than one thing at a time, being well organized, and by asking help from associates when needed. To the best organizational skill, the goal and care should focus on the patient’s needs. Then prioritize care
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