The Nurse Leader Who Hired Me Into My Current Position

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For my leadership paper I decided to focus on the nurse leader who hired me into my current position. I felt like this particular nursing leader would be a good fit for this paper because she saw leadership potential in me and hired me into a leadership role even though I had no prior leadership experience going into the job. I feel that it is important to recognize a member of management who is able to see qualities inherent in people that they might not even be able to see in themselves.
The person who I interviewed is named Rae Crews. She is one of the regional manager of Vascular Access Centers. Vascular Access Centers are a group of outpatient surgery centers staffed by interventional radiologists. These centers can accomplish many of the tasks performed by interventional radiologists in an outpatient setting and at a much lower cost to the patient than what can be done in the hospital setting. It is quicker, cheaper, and arguably safer to perform many of these procedures in an outpatient center versus that of doing this in a hospital setting. Mrs. Crews manages a total of five clinics of these centers including locations in Bolivar, Memphis, Macon, Pittsburg, and Durham. Mrs. Crews accomplishes this task through a great deal of travel and yet still managers to find times to be a wife and a mother. She has 3 children ranging in age from 5 to 13 years of age. Her current level of educations is a bachelor in science of nursing (BSN) and it was obtained from
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