The Nurse Manager At The Eye Clinic

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Mr. Philipson Thathamkulam, RN, MSN, MBA is the nurse manager in the eye clinic. He is responsible for supervising the nurses and Health Technicians. He also is responsible for overseeing the care delivered to the veterans in the eye clinic. Mr. Thathamkulam has been functioning in the nurse manager role for the past 4 months and has made few changes and improvements for the betterment of the service and at the organizational level within the short period of time. CRITICAL ELEMENTS: LEADING CHANGE (15% WEIGHT): Mr. Thathamkulam corroborate that the vacancies in the clinic has been filled in a timely manner. He assures that the position announcement has been posted on time, interviews are done within a week of the position closing and the potential employee’s name has been referred to HR for further hiring proceses. He has completed this goal on two occasions. Mr. Thathamkulam frequently appreciates his employees for their hard work and excellent care provided to the veterans, who are seeking for help. Mr. Thathamkulam has been working very closely with SPS department to make sure all the sterile equipment has been returned to clinic in timely manner. Since eye clinic has been missing sterile instruments, when returned from SPS, he has developed a new process that a copy of the list sends along the items, whenever staff sends to the SPS. And also make sure that the list will be returned along with the instruments, when clinic received the next day. So this process helps
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