The Nurse Patient Relationship Between Nurses And The Healthy And Sick Persons

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The nurse-patient relationship has not been sufficiently addressed, does not happen in the same manner with the physician-patient relationship which is treated with a certain frequency. In fact, some health professionals believe that the physician-patient relations and nurse - patient are the same, and they assert that there is no difference between them. However, despite sharing the same object of study and common spaces for the exercise of each profession and contents are not equal functions. There is a large difference between the performance of medical and nursing, by which the therapeutic relationships established by every type of professional with the sick or healthy should not be the same. That is why it is considered as an aspect of essential importance for the achievement and attainment of the objectives and purposes of health the relationships that exist between the nurses and the healthy and sick persons, not seeing the sick or healthy person as an object of the relationship but as a subject of the relationship, as a necessary element, active, responsible and capable, whose comments, feelings, emotions and ideas are invaluable to the work of the professional nursing and health, which magnifies its work and makes it more human attention and the relationship, and at the same time it allows us to address the man not as a sum of its parts but as a whole, The nurse, for its preparation and knowledge provided during his pre-vocational training will direct its

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