The Nurse Physician Conflict Within The Public Health Setting

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“Conflict is commonly perceived as being a negative issue. However, the experience of dealing with conflict can lead to positive outcomes for nurses, colleagues, and clients” (College of Nurses of Ontario (CNO), 2009, p. 3). Learning opportunities within a clinical setting arise may arise out of conflict. This paper will focus on an interprofessional nurse-physician conflict within the public health setting. The following conflict requires an understanding of cold chain and cold chain excursions. Cold chain is defined as the procedure and equipment utilized to maintain appropriate temperature of vaccine to ensure safety and a cold chain excursion is characterized by vaccine that has been exposed to inappropriate temperatures (Government of Ontario, 2013). The nurse-physician conflict experienced arose during a routine cold chain inspection at a family health team’s office. The doctor within the establishment is provided with publicly funded vaccine, from the public health unit, which has been exposed to multiple cold chain excursions. Access to publicly funded vaccine is provided to multiple health units. When facilities are provided with vaccine the expectation is that Vaccine Storage and Handling Guidelines provided by the Ontario Government will be followed. During this routine inspection it was discovered that the doctor, responsible for vaccine safety, had multiple cold chain excursions without following the Vaccine Storage and Handling Guidelines. In the
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