The Nurse 's Role On Influencing Change

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The Nurse’s Role in Influencing Change
Leadership and management activities are an integral part of professional nurses (Cherry, 2008). Considering the direct impact that hand hygiene compliance may cause on the residents’ health, nurses at Elim Village are obliged to initiate necessary changes in their agency practice. The change process outlined in change theories (e.g., Lewin’s change theory, chaos theory) will guide nurses to carry out such change in a systematic and organized manner, resulting in preserving resources and reducing the risk of ineffective change. For example, one may be unaware of the amount or extent of assessment required before proceeding to the actual change process (i.e. the movement phase) if not equipped with the fundamental theoretical knowledge. Additionally, a small change may result in an extensive impact on an organization as a whole as described by chaos theory (Marquis & Huston, 2008). An unpredictable consequence is more likely if the changes were implemented without the in-depth understanding of the formal and informal, as well as the interpersonal and functional dynamism that exists in the organization. Nurses who initiate/implement changes need to thoroughly acquaint themselves with the structure and culture of the organization.
Social influence is also identified as a driving force to improve the hand hygiene behavior of a health care team (Huis et al., 2013). As Cherry (2008) articulates, leadership does not always require
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