The Nurses Working Hours : General Description Of Indonesian Regulation

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The Nurses Working Hours: General Description of Indonesian Regulation Introduction Health care is one of the area of public services which need continuous services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Therefore, traditionally, shift hours work schedule is the only options over the traditional Monday through Friday office hours to provide continuous services to the public. As generally known, there are options of working hours in applying the shift work hours. There are some institutions use 12-hours shift, while some others use 8-hours shift and some others have additional staff to work part-time with shift pattern outside of these two pattern. Nowadays, the healthcare services cost increases and becomes more expensive. To deal with it, hospitals and healthcare institutions try their best to reduce operating cost and expenses. Nursing profession is an integral part of the healthcare system and plays significant roles in providing healthcare services to the public. However, this profession accounts as the biggest number staff in hospitals, and thus, is considered as one of the biggest expenditures of hospitals budget. With this situation, nurses become target for cost reduction of the hospitals by hiring limited number of skilled RNs and substituting them with less qualified nursing personnel (Stone, Tourangeau, Duffield, Hughes, Jones, O’Brien-Pallas, & Shamian, 2003). This condition results in the development of overtime work hours by nurses (Stone, Tourangeau, Duffield,

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