The Nursing Career

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“Nurses entering this specialty must highlight not only their clinical skills, but also their critical thinking, advocacy and analytical abilities. Communities are dynamic, and nurses must adapt to and be able to provide patients with whatever care is needed.” (Meadows, 2009). The PHN uses clinical knowledge along with an ecological viewpoint. A public health nurse can practice in clinics, health departments, faith-based organizations, mobile vans, homes, correctional facilities, occupations, community centers and hospitals. There is no setting that a public health nurse cannot practice to deliver a community-focused intervention.
Delivering a successful intervention can be challenging but with learning competencies and skills, the PHN can achieve results. At all times the focus must be on the health needs of an entire population including imbalances and the unique needs of sub-populations. A PHN must be analytical by defining a problem and use data to determine an effective solution. A PHN must be able to communicate effectively, and understand how the media delivers information.
Of great importance is the role of cultural competency in public health nursing. Cultural competency is the ability to effectively consider the worldviews, healthcare practices and preferences of people from diverse, racial, ethnic, socioeconomic, and cultural backgrounds. The PHN must put an emphasis on prevention and focuses attention to multiple determinates of health. The skill of

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