The Nursing Code Of Ethics

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There are many different careers which entail much more than just a particular degree from some type of post-secondary education program. Typically, all careers have a specific code and level of ethics which are incorporated into the daily responsibilities one is expected to perform in their chosen field. For the basis of this paper, I have chosen to write about the nursing code of ethics. Nursing has a professional code along with the level/employee behavior usually being currently attainable, which means that the behavior expected is normally exhibited by individuals. (Manias 508). However, although nursing seems to require behavior that is “normally” exhibited and tends to be one of the most popular medical fields, there are numerous amounts of ethical issues which have emerged in this field of work since the few being noted in Florence Nightingale’s Notes on Nursing. (Ulrich et al. 2). From a particular self-administered survey taken by over 1000 nurses in four different states and in four different census regions in the United States, over half appeared to “feel uncomfortable in addressing the ethical issues they encountered in patient care”. (Ulrich et al. 1). Also, from analysis of over 422 questionnaires, the top five most frequently occurring and trying ethical patient care issues were “protecting patients’ rights; autonomy and informed consent to treatment; staffing patterns; advanced care planning; and surrogate decision-making”. (Ulrich et al. 1). Although,

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