The Nursing Field Is Not Based On One Level Of Care

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The nursing career was of interest to me because I like to help as many people as I can and make them feel better. It is also very exciting to me because there is always something new to learn and it never gets boring. Also the nursing field is not based on one level of care. There is a broad variety of care that one could go into. When I was little I would always tell my dad or anyone that asked me what I wanted to be when I grow up that I wanted to be a doctor. As I got older I realized that being a doctor had too much responsibility and they hardly spent any time with their families. With nurses they are still held responsible for a lot but are still able to spend time with family. I have a cousin that is a registered nurse in the…show more content…
Having all these qualities is an advantage because that is what one needs to be in nursing. If a person do not have these qualities especially being a people 's person then they do not belong in this kind of work. In the conventional section I scored seventy percent. A conventional person is well organized, persistent, dependable, and make good team members. They are also comfortable working in situations and tasks in which they know what is expected of them. They also enjoy working indoors in a pleasant surrounding, and avoid intense personal relationships, and they prefer not to have their routines changed or messed with. All the descriptions between both categories are really me and they fit so well into the career that I want to go into. If I did not have any of the qualities nursing would not be for me. My ideal job that I would like to do is pediatric nursing. Which is working with children up until the age of eighteen. The important duties and responsibilities as a pediatric nurse would include identifying the child 's signs and symptoms to provide proper care, be able to tell the difference between normal and abnormal physical findings, administer medications using appropriate age and weight guidelines, speak as a child advocate, and provide supportive care to the dying child. Pediatric nursing would also include a strong patience in dealing with the persistent parent of the child. In general nursing there are a wide variety of duties and
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