The Nursing Leader : Mary Adelaide Nutting

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The nursing leader that I have chosen to do my paper on is Mary Adelaide Nutting. Being a nursing student she holds special significance to me because she was the first nursing professor. In this she paved the road for many nursing professors after her and educated many people on how to become a nurse. If it weren’t for her pursuing a professorship in nursing the level of nursing that is offered today might not have been this advanced or even exist. Throughout this paper topics that will be covered are the following responsibilities of the nursing leader, educational background, time spent in the nursing profession, organizations the leader is involved with, contributions made by the leader and ways the extraordinary leadership was exemplified by this amazing individual.
Mary Adelaide Nutting is known for being a professional nurse and nursing professor. First and foremost her responsibilities were to her duties of being a nurse. Since she was a professional nurse she would take care of her patients and help them in every way she could. Her next responsibility was training others who wanted to become nurses. In this she “helped establish new standards of conduct for training nurses and for hospital treatment of nurses” (). Together with her background in nursing and experience in the field she made for an outstanding professor. As exemplified by the “Mary Adelaide Nutting Medal of the National League of Nursing Education”, which was made in her honor in 1944 ().
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