The Nursing Midwifery Council ( Nmc ) Code Of Conduct

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Within this assignment a discussion based on how the nursing midwifery council (NMC) code of conduct relates to person centred care will be carried out. Firstly this assignment will describe person centred care and nursing care and comment on their importance within nursing practice. This will then lead into a discussion on NMC code of conduct and the purpose it serves for nurses, midwifes and an individual receiving care from wither of these professions. Furthermore this assignment will aim to examine case studies that have been based on person centred care or the lack of and discuss how the scenarios given within the case studies fit in with nursing care and the code of conduct and discuss how the code was broken if their seems to be a theme of non-person centred care throughout the case study.
Nursing care is the process of providing care to individuals as a qualified nurse. Nursing is seen to be the clinical judgement in the provision of care. This will enable people to improve, maintain or to recover health, to have a better coping mechanism with their health problems and to provide the best possible quality of life no matter what disease or disability until the end of their life (Nursing Standards, 2013). In order to carry out nursing care it is essential that the fundamental needs of care are carried out. A guideline of these fundamental needs are provided by the nursing midwifery council (NMC) within in the code of conduct which all UK nurses and midwifes must…
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