The Nursing Practice Of Nursing

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Nursing is a highly promising profession, yet healthcare institutions are having difficulty filling nursing positions. The nursing profession has evolved since its inception in the 1800’s. Today, various healthcare facilities employ the professionals to assist with patient care. The nursing practice is now a well-paying profession. Despite this, America’s healthcare needs are creating a nursing shortage. Additionally, nurses who seek more challenges in the workplace are taking on roles as advanced nurse practitioners as the United States healthcare system seeks alternatives to satisfy the nation’s doctor shortage. In the Beginning Nursing has evolved in status and scope since its inception. 1 Florence Nightingale – the mother of modern nursing – gave birth to the field with her work during the late 1800’s through the early 1900’s. 2 Nightingale entered the healthcare field at a time when the public viewed hospitals as a place for hospice rather than healing, and society’s female exiles filled the nursing pools. Today, the public views nurses as honored professionals and citizens depend on healthcare institutions to help them recover from many illnesses. Although women still dominate the nursing field, public perception that nursing is solely a woman’s profession is fading away. Nursing Career Overview The modern nurse works in many settings. 1 Hospitals, private practice offices, in home nursing services and special healthcare facilities all employ professional nurses
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