The Nursing Program : Clinical And Theoretical Courses Essay

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The nursing program contains of clinical and theoretical courses that complement each other. The nursing program is focused towards preparing professional and competent nurses who would apply their knowledge and skills throughout their work process. Therefore, emphasis should be placed on students’ clinical learning and training since it applies all the clinical skills; affective, psychomotor, and theoretical knowledge. In nursing education, the information and the skills attained in the clinical setting with real patients is far more helpful than organized scenarios in the laboratories or in a lecture room. Clinical practice provides nursing students with the opportunity to apply knowledge as well as developing their psychomotor skills that are vital for their professional progress (Chesser-Smyth, 2005; Oermann & Gaberson, 2013; Sendir & Acaroglu, 2008). In most nursing programs, nursing students spend approximately half of their education within the clinical area using advance technical equipment and perform nursing procedures that can cause serious harm to their patients, thus increasing their fear of creation errors; so it is alarming that they view the clinical practice as very stressful (Chan, So, & Fong, 2009). During clinical practice, nursing students are frequently exposed to various stressors which may directly or indirectly hinder their learning and performance. The nature of clinical education presents challenges that may cause students to experience stress
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