The Nursing Roles : The Role Of Nursing

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The Role of Nursing The role of nursing could have played a part in this situation. The couple is obviously upset after the birth of their child because this is when they discover the mix up of the sperm. They have waited patiently for this child to be born and have created their own image of her or him. The nurse is to focus on the patient and her partner’s needs at this time which are anger, confusion and hurt. They are going through an emotional situation because what they were supposed to get was not what they received in the end. Ms. Gens is more than likely still dealing with the trauma to her body because of the birth. The nurse is able to comfort and support her as far as the physical concerns and will have to work just a bit harder when it comes to the emotional side. Though this is a time when the couple is going through some issues because of the outcome of the birth, it is up to the nurse to provide education regarding the care of their newborn. Since he also has Down syndrome, information will need to be given regarding that so that they can make the best informed decisions for their child. Ms. Gens will need assistance with learning how to breastfeed, bathe her child and tend to his needs. While there are maternal instincts that kick in once a baby has arrived, this situation may need a bit more pushing as the couple are still reeling after what they have discovered. The need to be understanding to the situation while also tending to the baby and the
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