The Nurturing College Professor Essay

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The Nurturing College Professor

Nurturing behavior regarding teaching is defined in both negative and positive ways when addressing the effectiveness of the teacher and his or her impact and influence on student learning. Helping a student become a better and more involved learner is an important issue when talking about nurturing teaching because it exists as one of the ultimate goals of this kind of encouraging and supportive teacher.This teacher wants to see his or her students as engaged as possible with the material.ìÖwe would expect students who are really learning to be asking question and exploring connections between their personal lives and the course material in their writings and informal classroom discussionî (Grauerholz
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A nurturing professor may, at this point, be posited as one that creates a ìsupportive and acceptingî environment for his or her student and that engages in ìsituations where conflict does ariseî (Jarratt).Susan Jarrattís concept of nurturing behavior is one that combines a non-threatening environment with a discursive and interactive one. In another discussion of the importance and effectiveness of nurturing, Margo Culley et. al concurs with this definition.They call for a ìfusion of affect and intellectî and the practice of being ìdeeply engaged with [her] students yet committed to a critical observation of this very phenomenon.î Jarratt and Culley et. al are engaging with this concept of nurturing teaching as positive and illustrating what the practice of it should entail. They both, however, conduct their research within the context of the feminist classroom and affirm that this nurturing teaching is important for women teachers to posses, especially those teaching women.Jarratt and Culley et. al are embracing a pedagogy began by early women teachers and bringing it into the context of a modern classroom. This study of the overriding benefits along with effectiveness and importance of nurturing teaching will, however, illustrate how this feminist idea may be and ultimately must be brought to professor both male and female in all different classroom contexts in order to create a better
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