The Nutrition And Academic Performance

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Nutrition and Academic Performance
Generations have change yet the expectations of overprotective parents are higher than ever. Most parents expect that school systems help create children that are confident and prepare students for high school graduation. At the same time, is important that children learn the required skills and knowledge needed to prevail in college, professional careers, and personal life (Common Core State Standards Initiative 2015). In addition, school systems should also be the reinforcement of healthy eating and taking into account the children’s health problem with increasing rates of obesity, which have doubled and quadruple in adolescents, diabetes especially type 2 a health problem the was more common until adulthood but now in children due to obesity, and malnutrition reducing “economic advancement by at least eight percent… due to poorer cognition and reduced schooling” (American Heart Association 2014 & Unicep United States Fund 2015). However, how does Nutrition correlate to academic achievement? According to Ashoka, Contributor the connection exist because no matter how good the school system is, how good the teachers are, the outstanding curriculums, amazing after school programs, the strategic Common Core Standards, and save school facilities: if the students are in poor health their academic achievement will not be accomplished (Ashoka, Contributor 2014). Therefore, adequate nutrition is very important for the nourishment of the
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