The Nutrition And Body Transformation

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Over the next five years changes will occur amongst nutrition and body transformation. Some of the transitions consist of less focus on being a trainer and more attention toward being a lifestyle manager. For example, the focus of personal trainers has always been centered on the theme of exercise. However, it is becoming more essential for personal trainers to become a lifestyle coach where they help individuals monitor eating behaviors, movement, exercise, self-management, and self-care. No longer is exercising the focal point when an individual wants change either physically or mentally. Thanks to research and science professionals in the health field know now that an individual needs a well-rounded and balanced life to obtain maximum improvements within their quality of life. Additionally, no longer should people focus on the physiology of exercise, instead he or she should concentrate on limiting factors. It is important to allow change within society, such as the use of technology to benefit a person in their daily life experiences. Technology is always evolving and it is important to shift with the changes. A lack of expanding your knowledge can make daily functioning more difficult for an individual, because if someone never expands their knowledge they will never know the most efficient way to go about something.

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The short audio by Dr. John Berardi was very intriguing. Playing into the idea of society always evolving and changing he brought
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