The Nypd 's Counter Terrorism Bureau

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Since 9/11 the NYPD has made enormous strides in countering terrorism. They have created the Counter terrorism Bureau with over one thousand officers assigned to it. The bureau is responsible for a number of operation including, counterterrorism operations, training and exercise for NYPD personnel, along with risk assessment and critical infrastructure protection of key sites within New York City. The Deputy Commissioner of intelligence also has an expanded role. NYPD officers are now deployed worldwide as they no longer completely rely on the federal government for protection. The Intelligence Division also handles Nexus, a program that handles terror sensitive business. (Police practices John A. Eterno p 26) During 2009 an attempt, was made to deliver drugs to prisoners using a drone in a UK prison guarded by a 50 feet high electric fence. Also in 2011 Rezwan Derdaus, an Al Qaeda affiliate, planned to launch an attack on the pentagon, and capitol building using a remote-controlled drone laden with explosives but the plot was intercepted by the FBI. The New York City Police Department had been increasingly concerned about a potential terror attack form the air by a drone armed with deadly weapon.. The NYPD wants to develop technology which will allow them to take control of drones as well as scan the skies for them before major events. The spurt in concern about drones has come about because of increased drone incidents in New York City, by 40 percent in one year. The NYPD

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