The Nyphs Reply Poetry Interpretation Essay

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Poetry Analyzation Essay                     What Is Love Worth?      A typical situation, in these modern times is the picture of a man and woman living together without marriage. Even more common than this is a man claiming his love and life for a woman then moving on after he becomes bored with her. This idea between man and woman hasn’t changed over the years. In “The Passionate Shepherd to His Love”, by Christopher Marlowe and “The Nymphs Reply to the Shepherd” by Sir Walter Raleigh, shows this battles. The question is if the love is real or superficial, and also if it’s everlasting true love.…show more content…
Recognizing that the Shepherds love only remained true with youth, Raleigh asks “But could youth last and love still breed.” The Nymphs response understands its only her beauty that had captured his heart. A beauty that will soon fade as her youth passes her by. Alluding to time as a murderer in line 12 “Is fancy’s spring; but sorrows fall.” Is a constant motif in the Nymphs reply to the Shepherd. Using fall as a pun, meaning that just like in the regular year fall comes at the end, so will her “fall” at the end of her youth. Knowing that all Marlowe’s words will end when her beauty has ended forces Raleigh to refuse the offer to be his lady. Raleigh keeps his head throughout this entire saga, never allowing any emotions to blind him into falling for Marlowe’s trap of lies.      Many lovers question questioning if love can be eternal or just trivial flings. Raleigh asks, “Time drives the flock from field to field.” Coming straight to the point and asking Marlowe if his love will be inconsistent, and change just as the seasons. The reply made by Raleigh implies that it is common for this Shepherd had supposedly changed from one lady to the next. In fact, Raleigh’s next reply asks why Marlowe speaks of roses and fine
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