The OB/GYN Career

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OB/GYN Career
A gynecologist studies the health of the female reproductive system. The gynecologist will run tests to check for diseases. An obstetrician is a doctor who delivers babies and works with the woman to keep the pregnancy safe and healthy to deliver the baby around the expected due date. It is important to go to an ob/gyn doctor during your pregnancy because they can run tests to determine if your child will be healthy or not at birth. This essay will teach you more about the requirements and duties of an ob/gyn doctor.
History of the OB/GYN Career
During the 17th Century, European physicians were associated with childbirth. The midwives were allowed in the room when women were giving birth. In 1738, the first Caesarean Section
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This could include things such as breast cancer, cervical cancer, and even menopause. They have to run examinations, Pap smears, chart past medical history, diet tips, keeping up with personal hygiene, hormonal imbalances and also sexual health and disease prevention. Obstetricians are in charge of prenatal care by checking the fetal heart rate using ultrasounds and watching the babies health and growth. An obstetrician can also run tests using the baby’s amniotic fluid to check for genetic tests. The mother may have the doctor check her heart rate, blood pressure and even her weight gain during her…show more content…
This beginning doctor would have already finished, medical school, MCAT testing, and a residency program. The average salary for this occupation is about $200,000-$300,000 a year. The exceptional salary for an OB/GYN is nearly $190,000 a year. This pay depends on where you are located in the United States and what the demand is for these doctors.
Becoming an OB/GYN has many benefits, including vacation time, leaves, health coverage, and insurance. You will receive 4 weeks of paid vacation per year, paid sick leave, paid maternity or paternity leave, health coverage, disability and life insurance. The health coverage includes things such as dental and vision coverage.
Advancement Opportunities
An obstetrician or a gynecologist could advance in their career if they had the desire to. One step of advancing is stepping up in the office position. Another option could be getting a higher education and reaching their goals. The last option for advancing in this career is opening up your own private practice in this occupational field. There are new technology advancements in the world each and every day. This career experiences new technology advancements by getting updated equipment, filing, and programs.
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