The Oak Park School District

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The Oak Park School District is a suburban district. Our student population consist of students who qualify for the free and reduced lunch program. Also, 45% of the student population is bused in from the surrounding communities. Oak Park has been in recent years, describe as the melting pot of Oakland County Michigan.
For the purpose of this interview the students will be known as G.S. or group of students, the novice teacher will be known as N.T. and the veteran teacher will be known as V.T. All three participants were asked the exact same questions but the teachers were asked a few more questions as they related to their classrooms.
The first interview that was conducted was with a group of students who are in my summer school class. The students were excited to assist me with my assignment. When asked about their technology use the answers that I received were expected. The majority of the time they would use technology such as smartphones, tablets computers and either a PS4 or Xbox1 game consoles. My second question to G.S. was did they have any restrictions at home when it came to being able to play video games. One student’s response to this question shocked me when she stated that “I play video games on my phone until the battery dies then, I charge it and play it some more” I know her parents personally and I wouldn’t think they would allow her to spend so much time on her phone. The majority of the students spent lots of time on technology for social media and…
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