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THE OAKLAND SCHOOL DISTRICT BUSINESS PURCHASING 104-170 MARCH 6, 2012 OVERVIEW In reviewing an analysis of his school district’s paper buying habits, supply manager Gene Smith uncovered some interesting statistics regarding the Oakland School District’s supply ordering habits. Through the growth of the school district, purchase orders for supplies had risen to astronomical levels. Over the course of the previous year, purchase orders (including original orders and change orders) had grown to an astounding 36,842, or nearly 3,100 orders per month. These orders came from one or more of approximately 1,300 suppliers. Even more astonishing was the low average value of each of these orders. 35 percent of the orders placed were…show more content…
One issue that may arise is the unwillingness of a person or department to bend on an issue that could save time in another area of the process. Another issue could be the follow up required after the big meeting. Additionally, if the process becomes stagnant, the managerial “Champions for Change” must be able and willing to motivate the cross-functional team in a timely fashion to get the job done. If for some reason even the perception of managerial support slips, the team’s hopes for change may be dashed as well. A second recommendation would be to encourage each school in the district to have a stock of inventory on hand in each building. This is not to say that each building should have storeroom after storeroom full of “just in case” supplies. Utilizing the most current, complete two years of data, an analysis of each school’s supplies should be conducted. From that information, which should be easy to obtain based on the amount of information that the accounting department requires for each and every order, it should be obvious what each school’s top ten regularly ordered supplies are. By completing the school-by-school analysis and allowing each location to place a once-per-quarter or once-per-semester stock supply order, each school will reduce waste in the form of time and will save money by filling that time with a value-added function. Some issues that may arise with this
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