The Oath Done By Police Officers Essay

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. The oath done by police officers reflects a version endorsed by the International Association of Chiefs of Police, who were the first to create the law enforcement code of ethics as well. By taking the oath, police officers are beginning officially their career in law enforcement. Before taking the oath, the individual should comprehend what is stands for. Thus, as a police officer one should reflect the words of an oath in the actions committed throughout the career. Within the department, a code of ethics should prevail among police officers and its chiefs; it should reflect how the organizations’ values influences individuals’ values at work.
Frank Serpico has not deviated from the oath he pledged to before he officially became a police officer. Along the film, he is trying to inform his superiors about corruption within the department. However, his allegations and accusations are ignored by his superiors. He got so frustrated within the department, that he committed an act of police brutality when apprehending a suspect. Nobody in the department was taking the suspects’ behavior seriously, which seemed to infuriate Frank Serpico. He asked the suspect to empty his pockets, but the suspect denied. That response was followed by Frank Serpico pulling the suspects’ pockets and pants, with such a force that he ripped the suspects’ pants. Afterwards, Frank Serpico proceeded to forcedly push the suspect into a jail cell.
However, other officers have deviated from the oath
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