The Oath of Office and Code of Ethics Essay

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Abstract In today’s world there are many issues facing the criminal justice system. Some of these issues include police corruption, use of excessive and deadly force, pursuits, and deviance. The media influences public opinion and there is concern over the morality, and ethics of our public leaders. (DeShon, 2000) The criminal justice system has two neglected and important issues of integrity and truth; the oath of office and the code of ethics. (DeShon, 2000) In many agencies the impact these two issues have on our communities are not fully understood. Public distrust for many criminal justice professions is prevalent. (DeShon, 2000) Perhaps, the problem of public cynicism can be corrected if criminal justice professionals received …show more content…
An oath that is false is also known as perjury. (DeShon, 2000) When taking an oath, the right hand is raised and the left hand is usually placed upon a copy of the Bible or Gospels. (DeShon 2000)Ethics Ethics have been defined in many ways by many individuals. (DeShon 2000) The issue of police ethics is behavior. The oath is taken as a sworn commitment to act in a manner that is ethical. When one is affected so is the other. (Deshon, 2000) It is the requirement of a professional to adhere to a code of ethics. Many professions adopt these, including lawyers and doctors. Law enforcement officers and other individuals working in the criminal justice system must also follow a code of ethics. (Deshon, 2000) These ethics are usually taught during academic training and certification of office. Often once the code of ethics is brought forth and read it is not reviewed again throughout their careers. (Deshon, 2000) A signed copy is simply placed in the individual’s personal file. (O'Connor, 2010) Most police departments do not conduct extensive ethics training and it is devastating to the entire profession of policing when scandals, unethical behavior and misconduct of officers are uncovered. (International Department of, 2011) Most police officers receive four or less classroom hours of ethics

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