The ' Obamacare ' A Kind Of Social Insurance Policy

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United States’ (US) political deadlock seems to be an unbreakable problem. The problem mainly comes from the relationship between two parties, the relations of president and congress, and the voting system of the congress. Since US’ congress and president controlled by two major political parties separately, gridlock seems to be a certain problem in their terms of political responsibility. For instance, president Obama announced his ambitious plan on health care issues. The ‘Obamacare’ a kind of social insurance policy by president Obama, also it is the trigger of the gridlock at 2012. Political deadlock mainly comes from the differences of ideology between two parties in terms of taxation, immigration, and others. This paper analyzes the problem of the political deadlock in terms of controllability, coalition.
Lack of controllability Mostly the political deadlock triggered by a debatable issue or policy, such as Andrew Johnson’s impeachment (1865), Civil Right Act (1957), Bill Clinton’s impeachment (1998), and ‘Obamacare’ (2012). Debatable issue was not the only trigger of political gridlock, political parties lacking controllability more important than issues. Mostly, when the deadlock comes out, that was very few deficits between both parties in the congress. In table 1, the democrat only controls 12 out of 51 seats in the senate, the controllability in the House of representative was much better. They controls 80 out of 183, but the republican controlled other seats at…
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