The Obesity Of Childhood Obesity

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Up until the late 1990s, seeing an obese child was extremely abnormal because children’s main form of entertainment was playing outside. The rate of childhood obesity drastically increased due to the fact that children’s main form of entertainment has shifted from outdoor activities, to vast outlets of easily accessible technology. Children are also being served a variety of unhealthy meals from fast food restaurants, such as McDonald’s or Taco Bell. Unfortunately, most parents do not know the underlying truth about what they are feeding their children and often choose the cheapest route for feeding their families. Research indicates that the corpulence of today’s youth is becoming severely problematic, and drastic steps are being taken to solve the obesity concern in adolescents. Michelle Obama, who is a known advocate of the fight against childhood obesity, is using her resources as the First Lady to help remedy this situation. Obesity is only a symptom of a worse disease, being a slave to food. (L. 2). Research used to write the journal “Pregnancy, Delivery, and Childhood Obesity” signifies that “… over 12% of children age 2-5 are considered obese, more than double the percentage (5.0%) occurring from 1976 – 1980” (qtd. In Squibb 73). In 2010, the Lets Move campaign launched, helping to change the lives of many children in need (“Michelle Obama…” 44). Michelle initiated the movement focusing on four pillars: “Spread the number of healthy schools in this country,
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