The Obesity Pandemic Occurring Across The World

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Many attempt to discover the reason for the obesity pandemic occurring across the world, however few understand the true meaning. Media attempts to portray the simpler version of energy balance, consuming the proper amount of calories to energy expenditure. Conversely, the quality of the calories consumed drastically alters the end result. For example, consuming excess sugar with limited fiber leads to the creation of fat. The directors of Fed Up raise awareness to the many other issues producing an extreme weight gain among the population. Approximately fifty years ago tobacco companies started participating in lobbying to disguise the harmful affects of their product; food corporations, particularly those with products high in sugar, initiated these practices during the onset of the overweight nation. Due to the increased involvement and financial support of food companies, regulations on unhealthy food products are prevented. The first incident occurred with the original document pronouncing obesity. In 1977 the McGovern report revealed the truth about excess sugar, fats, plus saturated fat causing weight gain. However, this original report was not released to the public. The large companies relying on the consumption of their unhealthy products amalgamated to change the document. Therefore, the report altered entitling businesses to utilize the document as a marketing tactic. A more recent example is the one study that shows consumption of soft drinks does not lead…
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