The Obesity Pandemic Occurring Across The World

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Many attempt to discover the reason for the obesity pandemic occurring across the world, however few understand the true meaning. Media attempts to portray the simpler version of energy balance, consuming the proper amount of calories to energy expenditure. Conversely, the quality of the calories consumed drastically alters the end result. For example, consuming excess sugar with limited fiber leads to the creation of fat. The directors of Fed Up raise awareness to the many other issues producing an extreme weight gain among the population. Approximately fifty years ago tobacco companies started participating in lobbying to disguise the harmful affects of their product; food corporations, particularly those with products high in sugar,…show more content…
However, Coca-Cola Corporation conducted this study. Therefore, extreme bias is present in this research. Coca-Cola Corporation also partnered with the American Academy of Family physicians. This partnership allows for misinformation to patients. Increased research in the field along with a surplus of business profiting form this epidemic leads to more altered reports. The excess addition of sugar into foods creates an addictive unhealthy lifestyle. Research shows sugar is eight times more addictive than cocaine. Sugar is present in over eighty percent of foods in America. Therefore, if trying to diet, the extreme difficulty of avoiding sugar-laden foods, could eventually lead to relapse. A child in the documentary verbalized his struggles with ignoring food items containing excess sugar by comparing alcoholics with obese people on a diet. When the alcoholic attempts recovery, alcohol is removed from the household, friends do not drink around him, and they can shop at stores without alcohol. Conversely, every store from gas stations to office supply stores contains sugary items next to the register. Also, advertisements run on the television, radio, billboards, plus in the hands of American citizens. The neurological and social barriers of removing healthy food from the person’s diet create an exceptionally difficult environment for success. When food corporations witnessed the onset of the healthy diet
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