The Obesity Problem Of Americas

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Americas Obesity Problem There are many different cultures through the world. Most cultures, in order to make their food more appealing to the human eye, add colorful vegetables. Many of those cultures consist of healthy eating- others not too much. In America, there are restaurants on every corner. It is difficult for a person to eat healthy when there is many different foods to choose from in the place where all cultures clash together. The reasons why people tend to gain weight is either because they eat out more than they have to, they are not emotionally stable, or they do not involve exercise into their daily lives. To begin with, there are many employed people in America. It is hard to avoid the fact that not everyone has time to cook the healthiest meal. Many people have more than one thing going on in their life, one of them being work. When a person works they have to worry about looking presentable, and going by the dress code the certain job has established. It can take a while for a person to get ready, especially if they have children to worry about also. Once that person gets everything together, they have to rush to school to leave their children on time so that they can still have enough time to eat some breakfast in school. That being said, the adult would not have enough time to eat the most important meal of the day, which would be breakfast. Because that person did not eat breakfast, they would have to wait until their lunch break to eat. The thing that
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