The Object Oriented ( Oo ) Environment And The Strategies That Are Used For Testing

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Executive Summary:
This research report discusses about the object oriented (OO) environment and the strategies that are used for testing an object oriented environment. The report also lists the tactics and metrics for testing in an object oriented environment. The object oriented approach closely relates the programs to the real world with the help of objects. The popularity of OO approach has increased due to ease of reuse and modular architecture that leads to quality software. Software testing is important to ensure delivery of error free software. Testing an OO program is challenging because of the complexity due to interconnection among the components. Various testing strategies and methods can be followed to test OO software. Apart from the strategies and methods certain metrics need to be considered and used to measure the quality of the projects. Software metrics are proven measures for measuring the development of the software process.
OO programs are based on hierarchy of classes and objects. The four pillars, encapsulation, inheritance, polymorphism and abstraction can be used to achieve reusability of code. As compared to the conventional software programming, the faults are not found in code, instead are in the interaction of the chunks of codes. Testing of an OO program begins with reviewing the object oriented analysis (OOA) and object oriented design (OOD) models. Variety of Testing strategies such as unit testing, thread based, use based and cluster

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