The Objectification Of Women Within Pop Culture

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Throughout time, the objectification of women within pop culture has become an increasing issue, that not only degrades women, but also portrays negative stereotypes for younger generations of girls to see. Many theorists and writers have given their opinions throughout different academic articles, and with these, have examined how this issue is intertwined within society today. More specifically, it is evident that women are hypersexualized throughout commercials, are portrayed as “weak” and “powerless” within television shows, and lastly, are objectified in sexual and negative ways throughout song lyrics. Focusing on several well-known witters and theorists, such as, Joanne Hollows and Stuart Hall, we are able to analyze their work in…show more content…
A well-known columnist, Andi Zeisler, refers to popular culture as: “any cultural product that has a mass audience” (Zeisler, 4). With this, it is easy to say that a cultural product such as cologne, will often have a mass audience, therefore advertising it in a way that objectifies women, only continues to reinforce the stereotypes surrounding women. With these means, we are able to look at the work of Toby Miller, and Richard Maxwell. They both argue that it is cheaper for poorer countries to purchase US television programs, rather than making their own. The result of this is a lack of diversity throughout the media, as well as a lack of alternative images and voices, which ensures that the perspectives of a Western, white, privileged male become even more pervasive (Miller and Maxwell, 2006). Another example that reinforces the statement that Miller and Maxwell made, is a commercial advertising Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue Cologne. The overall goal of this commercial is to make this cologne appealing to the public, thus increasing its overall profit. However, this commercial uses a women’s body in a sexualizing way, and once the man applies the cologne to himself, she runs to him and becomes intimate with him. In my opinion, she was giving her body to him, and regardless of her feelings, since he was attractive and smelt nice, she felt as if she belonged with him. Many companies believe that their products will be more
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