The Objective Of Learning Styles

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The objective of learning is to understand information intended to be learned. According to Brown (2000) learning styles is defined as the manner in which individuals perceive and process information in learning situations" (Journal of Studies in Education, 2012). Depending on one 's perspective, preferred learning styles help defined in multiple ways to get the most out of any learning or teaching experience.
There are several ways to evaluate a person’s learning style, preference, and strategies that may be different from one person to the next. VARK (Visual, Aural, Read/Write, and Kinesthetic) Analysis is a way to evaluate learning styles and strategies, comparing them to the identified preferred learning style and strategies (Flemming, n.d.).

Summary of VARK and Learning Styles
The acronym VARK stands for Visual, Aural, Read/Write, and Kinesthetic four categories used for education (Flemming, n.d.). VARK analysis is one tool that starts by answering a simple questionnaire that was created by Neil Fleming in 1987 (Flemming, n.d.). The analysis is helpful in identifying preferences of learning styles. Each learning style has a preference. Examples of each are as follows: Visual learning (symbols, graphics, pictures), Aural learning (music, lecture, listening), Read/write learning (making a list, taking notes, reading books), Kinesthetic learning (practical exercises, hands-on activities, trial, and error). The VARK questionnaire identifies individual learning styles
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