The Objective Of The Experiment Was To Understand The North

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The objective of the experiment was to understand the North and South poles of a magnet and how they relate to each other for a single magnet and two magnets when like poles or unlike poles are placed together. The results of the experiments verified the properties of magnets with respect to how like poles repel and how unlike poles attract. Also, electromagnets were created and investigations confirmed Lenz’s law. The experiment produced results that agreed with expectations, confirming the behavior of like poles, unlike poles, electromagnets and Lenz’s law. A Magnetic Field Sensor was used to measure the magnetic field due to the current flowing in the coil and showed a steady magnetic field relative to time.
Sources of error could
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A bar magnate that is allowed to rotate freely, will have one end point in the northerly direction while the other will point in the southerly direction. The two magnetic poles for each magnet consist of the South Pole and the North Pole.
Poles that are un-similar attract each other, while poles that are similar repel each other. A permanent magnet attracts a non-magnetized object that contains iron to either of its poles. The earth is a giant magnate itself, with its north geographical pole pointing in the direction of the magnetic South Pole. This causes the north pole of a compass needle to point north. While isolated positive and negative charges exist, isolated magnetic poles do not exist. Poles of a magnet always exist in pairs.
It was 1819, when Han Christian Oersted, the Danish scientist noted for the first time that a compass needle underwent deflection when to a wire carrying current was placed close to it. This was the start of the relationship between magnetism and moving charges. Andre Ampere in France reached a similar conclusion. Soon afterwards Michael Faraday in England and Joseph Henry in the United States found that a moving a magnet placed near a conducting loop can induce a current in the loop. Magnetic and electric fields are intertwined. An electric charge at rest results in the creation of an electric field, which exerts a force on any other charge
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