The Objectives Of B 21

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B-21 Bomber. The Administration is strongly opposed to the proposed action taken on the B-21 program in S. 2943. The B-21 Program was established within the guidelines and laws associated with major acquisition programs and funded out of the Air Force’s budget. The proposed changes violate many of those guidelines and put the program in an untenable position which make cost control more difficult and streamlining impossible. The activity associated with redefining developmental cost growth thresholds is untimely, bureaucratic, and contrary to the direction established by 10 U.S.C. § 2433 (Nunn-McCurdy). To enforce a different performance standard after the acquisition strategy was set, the contract awarded and work begun, ensures that the carefully established business plan will become mired in reporting delays and unprecedented, redundant certifications. Indeed, the Secretary is called on to certify that funding additional costs on the program is a priority over other programs, a situation completely fabricated by this act and a situation the Air Force took steps to prevent by properly preparing their budget in accordance with the Weapons Systems Acquisition Reform Act (WSARA) of 2009. The current cost growth thresholds are consistent with both congressional and defense guidance and are backed up by two independent cost estimates done by the Air Force Cost Analysis Agency and the Cost Assessment and Program Evaluation Office. Those plans support efficient and

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