The Objectives Of Kay 's Hotel

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Executive Summary Kay’s Hotel will be located in the heart of Brighton, England. Kay’s Hotel will offer customers 7 two-bedroom units equipped with en-suite shower facilities, an outdoor patio area for the guests as well as on-site parking with space for up to 5 cars. 8 million tourists visit the city every year, in the process spending £408 million on accommodation, food and recreational activities. Therefore, this makes it an ideal place to locate a hotel. I myself will be running the Hotel all year round with the help of 5 workers. A chef to prepare breakfast for the guests, a receptionist to deal with the bookings, two cleaners to keep the hotel tidy and presentable, and myself to manage the day to day tasks. Objectives The objectives of Kay’s Hotel will be: • Survive for the first 2 years • Achieve a customer satisfaction rate of 90% • Expand the business to other locations after the first 5 years of operation • Accumulate and maintain an experienced work force Corporate objectives 1. To maintain a fine reputation of high quality customer service that does not exploit it’s customers. 2. The business must maintain a low rate of labour turnover to provide high levels of productivity. 3. Hold a positive relationship with suppliers to help maximise the businesses profits. 4. To ensure product quality does not affect a decline in customers in the long run. 5. To focus on future profits by spending on research and development. Reputation is important for the business, it

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