The Objectives Of Learning And Development

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1.1 analyse the objectives of learning and development for learners and organisations For learners the objectives of learning and development are to develop new skills leading to growth in their professional or personal life. There are many ways to identify objectives, they can be identified by the learner and discussed at the review process. Or identified by the organisation and again discussed at the review process. For the organisation the objective of learning and development is to make the workforce more efficient, flexible and able to deliver the organisations results in challenging times. Within Standguide the organisation has created what is known as a competency framework which lays down the skills required for the job role, it is used for promotion, development reward and recognition. 1.2 explain the contexts in which learning and development takes place In order for learning and development to take place it must be able to show that it can meet the organisations goals. It must provide value for money and enable the organisation to meet its targets. In the case of my work place this is set at senior management level but each individual workplace has ownership of its own portion of the workplace target. At the same time in order for the learning to be effective it needs to engage with the goals of the individual learner in terms of personal development or career development. There are a number of different types of learning environments For example formal
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