The Objectives Of Learning Mobile Electronic Commerce

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The objectives of learning Mobile Electronic Commerce are:
• To view new and existing Opportunities in MEC.
• To understand the nature oforganizations as open systems and reasons for implementing and utilizing e-Commerce.
• Modifications that needs to take place in the organizations to effectively implement MEC.
• Role of Performance Management in improvingorganization’s performance in e-commerce.
• Importance of Customer Orientation in MEC.
• Operational and Strategic Outcomesof MEC in order to achieve Customer Orientation and Organizational Strategic Competitive Advantage.
The Mobile Electronic Commerce environment is a competitive environment and it is based on digital technologies, strategies, and competitive methods. Enhancing the
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Through the adoption ofsome sort of the digital approach this can be possible. Such approach includes the applications ofm-commerce and e-commerce, aimed at the customer.
The potential benefits ofdigital-based strategicapproaches of m-commerce and e-commerce have not been questioned. Achieving such benefits has a concern among current practicing managers and scholars alike. The rush to join the e-crowd have made many organizations utilize a me-too approach to the implementation of m-commerce and e-commerce. These organizations lack the systematic and integrated strategy needed to realize the potential benefits ofdigital technologies. These organizations do not have a complete, well-integrated digital strategy. A piecemeal approach, coupled with me-too orientation will result in anineffective implementation of strategic e-solutions, such as m-commerce and e-commerce. This leads to investing in attractive technologies without having well defined strategy to use such technologies strategically. This approach to implement digital-based technologies, such as m-commerce and e-commerce, is bound to fail, as it lacks the strategic focus needed to support the customer orientation.
To avoid wasting resources and efforts, organizations must approach the process of implementation and utilization ofthese technologies strategically and systematically. This process must contains a well-defined,
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