The Objectives Of Positivism

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It has to recognise that the positivism doctrine is complex in terms of explaining succinct and precise manner due to the fact that there are major differences among settings researchers make use of positivism. The variations for clarifying positivism might be equal in number of authors that addresses the area of research philosophy. However, within its spirit, positivism is dependent on the idea that reveals “science is the only approach to learn about the truth” (Alasuutari & Brannen, 2008).
Interpretive, critical and positivist sociology comes up with unique observing standards and depicting conclusion regarding human behaviour within social context. The objective of “positivist sociology” aims at understanding the social institutions through depending on observable and known facts. This often manage proper understanding for how societies work, slight credence offered the social mechanism study, which
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As mentioned by Denscombe (2014), one major mistake that can be highlighted in Positivist social research is certain assumption that is developed on scientific inquiry. For adopting positivistic stance, it is not just for adopting specific approaches to develop research studies. Sarantakos (2012) pointed out that this implies that the study result might incline to be presented as recognised truths and objective facts.
Today, positivists are less enthusiastic for certain earlier expectations of epistemology. Recognising the claims for accuracy and objectivity rests over less secure foundation that is once believed aspect of doubt take place within research for modern proponents that tends to deal within the levels of partial objectivity and probability. However, such claim might be reduced to the level of modest approach; positivism must emphasis on the empiricism role, skills for discovering meaning from the objects and the unison of sciences (Eriksson & Kovalainen,
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