The Obligation For Educate And Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions

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Alexander Quach
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The Obligation to Educate and Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions

I. Introduction Many people, particularly of the United States, do not know about climate change (CC), nor do they know about how they are personally contributing to it. When discussed, most strategies created to combat climate change discount the power of education in reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions (a contributor to CC). In this paper, I argue that climate change causes immense damage by borrowing from John Nolt’s The Individual’s Obligation to Relinquish Unnecessary Greenhouse-Gas-Emitting Devices (2013). The potential is so high that we, as individuals and institutions, have a moral obligation to educate our populace in an effort to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. As an aside, I shall also attempt to quantify how much education could reduce emissions.

This paper remainder of this paper will be split into three parts. Part II will lay out my argument and all of its claims clearly and defends each of the argument’s premises. Part III will be where I attempt to respond to some objections that could arise. Part IV will conclude the paper and provide a summary.

II. Premises, Claims, and Defenses As stated before, this portion of the paper aims to explain/defend the argument and its premises.

Premise 1: “The harms of greenhouse gas emissions are so great and continue over such a long time that even the emissions of single individuals contribute significantly
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