The Obligation of the European Union to Open Their Boarders to Syrian Refugees

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Should the EU open its borders to Syrian (and other) refugees This Essay will show that it is the moral and ethical duty and obligation of the European Union and its member states to open its borders to Syrian refugees. A. Situation in Syria based on UNHCR Report The situation in Syria is an unstable, violent one with the effect, that the women, children and the civilian population are facing huge problems avoiding violence. There are approximately 4.1 million registered refugees from Syria in the Middle East expected by the end of 2014 and approximately 9.3 million affected persons within Syria. Furthermore the situation is degraded so much, that even Polio came back as the biggest health threat to children in Syria. The Gender based violence is escalating due to the escalation in the fighting as well. Therefore one has to say, that the humanitarian protection and protection for the populace is non-existent. Moreover it appears that there is a need to increase the general protection of the civilian population and to ensure that all parties do not infringe the applicable international law in Syria since the UN Security Council asked this in a resolution. A. Do we have the duty to open our borders to Syrian refugees ? I. Kantian Deontologism Kant uses 3-5 “rules” depending on the Interpretation of his text to base his whole ethical structure on. The first rule is that you should act only on such a maxim, that your act should become universal law. The second rule

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