The Observations Of Richard Conducted

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The observations of Richard conducted for this study consisted of; a drawing activity, a reading observation, and sport activities. During each of these scenarios I observed traits and links within the domains of development. Richard depicts an array of skills in regards to cognitive and language development, physical and motor abilities, social and emotional understandings; and his imaginative and creative attributes. All of the findings in these domains link cohesively with the discoveries of theorists such as Arnold Gesell, Lev Vygotsky, Jean Piaget and Urie Bronfenbrenner.

Physical and motor development
Richard’s physical development and motor skills were evident in all three anecdotes. These two domains are closely linked when
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Richard’s fine motor skills are being developed in anecdote one as he uses pencils. The challenge of moving and gripping the pencil is seen as a difficult task for young children, however his ability to do this was exceptional, drawing shapes and patterns. Richard’s ability to draw is developing his fine motor skills, which fits in accordance to Gesell’s motor characteristics mentioned in his gradients of growth (Gesell & Ilg, 1949).

Cognitive Development
Richard displays his range of cognitive skills such as thinking, attention, concept formation, reasoning and problem solving (white, 2013) in each observation. Richard portrayed clear cognitive development in anecdote one, as he was able to connect the colour green to be the colour of the grass in his drawing. Richard was able to adapt the recognition of environmental areas in his earlier years to his drawing noticing and paying attention to what colours texture and areas look like. His cognitive skills were also evident during anecdote two, when he had to problem solve to recognise the word. He connected the picture and the letters making the word ‘alligator’. According to Piaget’s theory Richard’s cognitive development is in the preoperational stage (Bee & Boyd, 2002). This means “the child can use symbols to both think and communicate; they develop the abilities to take others
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