The Obstructions Of The Voting Rights Movement In The United States

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The United States was born with democratic ideals, and the will to have an impartial government. But throughout the existence of this nation, there have been several stutters to the goal. Many of the obstructions to the democratic ideals come in the form of voter suppression, discrimination, amongst others, which, throughout American history have had a large impact in the way our government works today. Yet, many believe that events that happened in the past can’t repeat themselves today, although that is far away from the truth. To start with the current problems that government has had in expressing true democratic values, one must look no farther away than North Carolina, a perfect example of gerrymandering. This year, the Supreme Court ruled that two districts, district 1, and district 12, used an exceeding amount of racial bias, effectively violating the voting rights act of 1965. The problem with gerrymandering is that it’s used to skew elections, by redrawing districts using racially, or partisan information, a party might set up elections so that the ruling stays in power for an indefinite amount of time, thus stopping other groups to be represented properly, such as minorities
A problem that compromises our democratic values is voter suppression, although several pieces of legislation have tried to take down voter suppression, particularly Jim Crow discrimination that reigned in the south until the Voting Rights Act of 1965 passed. But, it’s widely considered that
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