The Occupational Field Of Nursing

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The occupational field of nursing and the educational instruction associated with nursing has evolved over the past century due to detail oriented research and scientifically developed contributions. The advancement of new technology and improved theory has drastically upgraded nursing practices, allowing patients to experience an efficient and professional form of healthcare serves. To learn more about the changes in the field of nursing that have taken place in the last 60 years I interviewed nurses that graduated from nursing school in three different decades. Although changes have taken place in regards to educational setting, cost of education, dress code, clinical hours and state board exam, the overall core of nursing has remained the same throughout the years. Ms. April Grice RN chose Richmond Community College in Halmet, NC where she graduated in 2011 (ADN) and 2007 (LPN). Her dress code was stated as “modest”, and emphasized “modest” because the instructors were very strict. “We as nursing students were viewed as “elite” and we must maintain our best behavior at all times, at school and in the community. We were to uphold our character to the highest at all times, and this included dressing respectfully” April Grice, RN. Clinical uniforms were to be clean (bright white), ironed, no jewelry (except stud earrings), hair off the neck. Graduation dress code consisted of a white uniform dress with a white coat, white stockings and shoes, hair up off the neck and…
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