The Occurrence Of Rape Essay

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“Sexual urge”...”lust”...”desire”...”force” (Emma, 2012) – these are all words used by real life sexual offenders to describe their accounts and what motivated them to commit such crimes. Relative terms such as rape culture have become increasingly relevant to one of the most discussed issues in contemporary society. However, a majority of the discussion centres around the impact on the victims, as well as the injustice of their behaviour. Little of the discussion looks at what goes on through the minds of these types of offenders. In this essay, I will attempt to unpack a number of theories that discuss the roots of the occurrence of rape. This will be evaluated in conjunction with the criminological theory of seductions of crime, as well as the conflict theory. In addition to this, I will scrutinise these theories and its flaws. I will also be using the example of a real life convicted rapist to show his version of how someone could become a sex offender. Furthermore, an analysis on different character traits of sex offenders will follow this, as well as an investigation on rape culture in order to develop a more informed understanding on sexual offending.

A number of theories have been developed to help explain the reasons why rape occurs. Thornhill and Palmer developed the evolutionary theory that connects rape to primitive traits (Siegert & Ward, 2002 cited in Lowell, 2010: 158). According to Thornhill and Palmer, this meant that men who could ‘force their sexual
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