The Oce A Beautiful Yet Frightening Place

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The oceans are such a significant part of all life here on Earth. Without them, close to nothing on Earth would be alive and the entire makeup of Earth would be altered immensely. Even though all life depends on them, Kathy Kranking, a published author, notes that only around 5% of the whole ocean has been explored or seen. The “ocean” is actually made up of 5 different oceans: the Arctic, Atlantic, Indian, Pacific, and Southern oceans. It even covers almost three-fourths of the Earth’s surface. People can go swimming in it, surfing in it, boating in it, check out all of the different wildlife in it, or just enjoy it’s beauty. In order to fully understand the massive oceans of Earth, people must first understand the geography and importance of the oceans, life in the oceans, and problems in the oceans.
The ocean is very deep, so oceanologists have split the ocean into zones based upon water temperature and brightness of the water. These three zones include the sunlit zone, the twilight zone, and the midnight zone. Kathy Kranking, author of the article “The Ocean” writes that the sunlit zone is the shallowest of the oceanic zones, and it is between the surface and 330 feet below the surface. Of the ocean zones, the sunlit zone is the warmest and the brightest. It is home to large majority of sea creatures, even though it is much smaller than the other zones (Kranking). The twilight zone is located between…
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